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3 Local Authors -

As an award-winning crime reporter at newspapers in California, Kristi Belcamino flew over Big Sur in an FA-18 jet with the Blue Angels, raced a Dodge Viper at Laguna Seca, and watched autopsies. Her first novel, BLESSED ARE THE DEAD, (HarperCollins) is inspired by her dealings with a serial killer during her life as a Bay Area crime reporter. www.kristibelcamino.com

Kristin Boldon writes for the TCTaste blog, the Eastside Food Co-op, and her own blog, Girl Detective. She has degrees in marketing and religion, and leads the community book group Gods & Monsters. She will be reading from her young-adult novel, TANGLED IN BLUES.

Shortly after graduating from law school, Samantha Bohrman had three children and began writing mystery novels. She has never looked back, though she suspects her husband has. Her debut novel, RUBY OVER THE RAINBOW, is coming out early next year. She hopes you like it, for her husband’s sake. Pretty soon, you’ll be able to find her at sambohrman.com or on Twitter at @sambohrman.

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